Black Interior Doors - a simple DIY project with dramatic results!

I’ve been a painting maniac lately. I haven’t had non-paint-speckled hands in at least two weeks, and this is one of the reasons…

Our upstairs hallway, featuring 7 (SEVEN!) doors, got a glamorous makeover. I’ve had my heart set on painting our interior doors black for quite some time. I think that glossy black doors just look so polished and elegant! 

With one project or another, I kept putting it off however, until one fateful day when I ended up with a quart of semi-gloss black trim paint when I had meant to get a quart of semi-gloss white…

While picking up supplies for the vintage-boho reading nook, my March Ace Blogger post, I meant to pick up some white trim paint, but once I got home I realized I had grabbed “Sparkling Black” by accident. 

It turned out to be a lucky mistake because it was just the push I needed to finally get started on the task of transforming our [disgustingly] dingy interior doors! Once I had started using the paint, I loved it so much that Ace was awesome enough to provide me with another quart to finish the project.

You can see that I had already started painting the trim white on one door (the door to the master bedroom) and it just goes to show how truly dingy the doors were!

When I posted a sneak peek of my in-progress black doors on Instagram, I got several helpful suggestions for streamlining the process! Well, apparently I’m very habit-bound because I ended up doing what I’ve always done - using my trusty angled brush to apply light coats of paint (3 in all) over the course of several days and several seasons of 30 Rock on Netflix.

Fresh white trim + glossy black doors makes my heart sing!

While it is completely apparent that the walls need new paint, I’m just thrilled with how sharp the doors look now! The finish is so perfectly glossy and the black hides imperfections really well. While it did make the hallway a bit darker if all the doors are closed, the reality is that most of them are usually open to let sunshine into the hallway, and of course with the hall light on, it’s totally fine.

Somehow, this whole thing actually started with the master bedroom makeover I’ve slowly started tackling. Because I knew I wanted the doors in the bedroom to be black, I had to carry that through the entire hallway! 

It was well worth it though, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve got in the works for the bedroom (more painting, naturally). I’ll let this shot I Instagrammed the other day hold  you over…

2.png (400×400)

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